Fran Bedia


Q: Where and when did you learn what you know about art and photography?

F.B.: Art history was one of my prefered classes in secondary school, and I got good qualifications, but I didn’t study it later as a career. I tryed to get access to my city Art Academy to study photography, 2 consecutive years. I passed all the exams but my note wasn’t enough to get one of the 50-60 places avaible for arround 500-600 guys. That fucked all and I started to work, earn money, and go out with my “terrible” friends day & night.

A year later, in 1998, I found a forgotten bag on a street bench in Madrid. Inside there was a beautiful Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL. It was like a sign. I started to take courses and study on my own. Photography, hairdressing, make up, studio lighting and a lot of disparate things….

So, I can say I’m an autodidact.

Q: You seem to be doing mostly portraits. Did you ever explore other «genres»?

F.B.: I’m a compulsive shooter so I have landscapes, objects, porno, flowers, and cats in my archives but human and their circunstances is the heart of my work. Now I’m thinking about a proposition to make a clip video for a singer. Never done something like that and I would love to try

Q: What can you tell us about your process?

F.B.: I do a basic scheme for each session, and then rarely results as I thought. So improvisation is very important, the magic moment can appear at any time and you have to be ready to exqueeze it.

I’d rather not give many indications to the model, unless necessary. Everybody knows how to get his best pose or face in a mirror, so I used to place one in front of him/her.

A regular session can take from 6 to 9 hours.

Q: Do models play a big role in the making of your photos?

F.B.: It depends… Sometimes I like to use the model as a blank paper and “draw” like a canvas, and sometimes I play with the model, or stylist, hairdresser. To get anything good for all. Each one is very exciting, the first because I can do what I want to, and the second is always funny and enriching.

Q: Do you edit your photos?

F.B.: That is unavoidable in some cases, or simply improving the result, but I’m not a master in digital retouching. Photoshop is a wonderful tool for creation but in bad hands it becomes a weapon of mass destruction. I have a lot of works without any post-processing, I mark them with “no photoshop” tag in my Flickr site.

Q: What is driving you, what are you looking for in an image? Is it movement, something new, or what else?

F.B.: I’m looking for dopamine. Looking for creating anything capable of making my system produce the pleasure hormone. And I try to get this effect on the viewer.

Q: Any exhibition coming up? Any projects?

F.B.: Many little projects: I’m waiting for reportages in two magazines, both the first issue, one in Russia and other in London, this last will be available in stores internationally, including my country, Spain, I hope. Some merchandising for an UK web with my photos (postcards, T-shirts, cups! etc.). An exhibition in Madrid (Chueca) for this next year. And pending to do shootings for the cover of 3 music CD’s. And several personal projects as a Photo Book. I’m very excited with all of them!

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