Alvin Jang


«I was born in Zhongshan, China in 1950. Educated in China, Hong Kong and in Canada. My works were usually two dimensions, mostly print-making, drawing and paintings. After trying out to carve on a piece of fire-wood, I fell in love with it! In the summer of 2006, I began to work on these series (33 pieces). As I worked on every piece, seems like each piece has its own character and its own stories to tell. Of course, it is all about history. Every single one of them are from the two old birch trees (maybe 90 years old), growing on the boulevard next to our house.»

(Alvin Jang)

Maturity (back-view)   Height: 10"

Layers in one    Height: 10"

Preformation (side-view)   Height: 11 1/4"

Passion Flora  Height: 15.5"

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