Ian Gamache


Ian Gamache est un artiste qui vit et travaille à Montréal. Il peint et dessine, mais fait aussi de la photo, des collages et des installations.

Puisque je suis plus à l’aise dans la langue de Molière et Ian dans celle de Shakespeare, l’entrevue s’est faite dans les deux langues.

Considérez-vous votre art comme étant subversif?

I don’t really like the word subversive; it always sounds negative. My intention is to create an art that is relevant to our times; to see the world clearly, and to reflect that in a work of art.  I guess I’ve always seen that as part of an artist’s responsibilities. I just try to create something that has some truth to it.

Dans votre travail, on retrouve souvent des inscriptions ou des titres du genre not really paintings, non-painting paintings et not art. Remettez-vous en cause la nature de la peinture ou votre travail comme oeuvre d’art?

I think my titles are important. I sometimes do question the need for painting, especially abstract painting. I find myself wondering if it can still be relevant today.  Or are they just about being  decorative devices? Or maybe just something to push our aesthetic boundaries? There’s nothing really new about splashing some paint on a canvas. But I still enjoy it and try to say something fresh with it. I use the titles like “Non-Paintings” because sometimes I don’t even know if it’s a painting; I like to leave it up to the viewer.

Vos oeuvres sont des mélanges spontannés et surprenants de choses bien différentes. Cherchez-vous à réinventer la peinture, à la questionner?

I don’t know if it’s about reinventing painting. I try to build on the language of art that has developed over the years; but I’ve also been trying to say something that is relevant to people from different backgrounds. There was a period where I didn’t want to paint. I’d be walking around and see all sorts of old wood, walls and doors and think “wow that’s a real painting.”

Quelle est la relation entre votre travail et l’histoire de l’art?

Growing up I didn’t live near a lot of galleries or museums, so my way of learning about art was from art history books. I am also fascinated by human history, so I love when history and art meet, and seeing the role that art has had in shaping our view of the past.

Vous avez fait des oeuvres directement sur des murs. Celles-ci sont-elles différentes de vos autres oeuvres à vos yeux?

I don’t do them much on walls now. Sometimes I will draw on a discard door or piece of wood, but not so much on walls. I often walk around with paper or canvas and still do a lot of sketches or preliminary drawings outside.

Que pensez-vous des arts aujourd’hui?

I think it’s an exciting time to be a visual artist. There are a lot of great tools at our disposal; art can travel the globe and be seen in a global arena with the Internet. Using the web one can easily cross boarders with art, like never before. But visual art also encounters more competition from all sorts of media; there is a lot more information in general, and sometimes it might be difficult for a painting to stand out in it. I think it’s something that art needs to address. But I generally feel that it’s a good thing, and that art will change and evolve at a greater speed, especially with the Internet.

Pour voir davantage d’oeuvres de Ian et être mis au courant de ses expositions à venir:


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